25th Anniversary

May 29th


This year is the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's song 'thriller'. The song who has been selling gold and is told to be one of the best selling singles through time.

Michael Jackson; what an artist...performer...singer...dancer...yeah you name it. He has really made history of pop. I mean what would pop be without him? I really love Michael Jackson though I probably love the old one more then the new one. It's not that his look has changed it's just his way of performing. Back then he had so much more feeling in his songs. You could really feel that he ment what he was singing. Today.. I actually don't know. He is still a great performer and singer but somehow it's not the same thing..

So anyway.. cause of this anniversary I started to listen to a few of his songs. I decided to listen to the songs I've never heard before. It ended up with me really liking a few of them! In these songs it's the words, the feeling and the compassion I like. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson - Give it to me

Michael Jackson - Heal the world

Michael Jackson - Gone too soon


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