Driver licence!

June 2nd

I'm back from the weekend in Yosemite national park. We had a very nice weekend and the park was just amazing. We took a lot of cool pictures and you'll be able to see them later.

I don't have so much time to write right now but I just wanted to tell you what I did today. Today I had my behind-the-wheel driving test and guess what? I passed it!!!! So now I've got a californian driver licence. How cool's that? I would say it's a really nice souvenir :-)

I'll write some more later

Gonna go and sing some karaoke now!

Later     :-)

Postat av: Michael


Bättre souvenir får man leta efter! Riktigt coolt :) Ser verkligen fram mot bilderna från Yosemite.

Ha det!

2008-06-03 @ 23:09:12

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